Do you desire to keep up to date with all your interests in life? Would you like to receive news, videos, posts about your passions. Have you ever wanted to share a good movie, book or event with a friend or to know when your favorite rock band is coming to town?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, CircleMe is for you!

CircleMe is the best way to keep you up to date with all your passions in life.

With CircleMe, you can get inspired to “connect” more deeply with the things you love so that on one side you get interesting content in return, and on the other you interact with people who share your same passions.



  • 'Like' 1M+ different interests
  • Create your own passions
  • Read updated content related to your Likes: 25k+ new articles/posts per month
  • 'Trust' people who have your same interests and follow them
  • Add things to your personal 'To do' list
  • 'Discover' new things that you may like and people with similar interests
  • 'Plant': create or discover geo-located content related to your interests




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    elena ciampella

    Elena Ciampella

    Social Media and Content Manager

    I'm a mum, always on the run, proud CircleMe team member, hopeless addicted to opera and dark chocolate!

    Giu D'Antonio

    Giuseppe D'Antonio

    Founder & CEO

    Futurist at heart, I love crazy ideas and technologies. Passionate about theatre, musicals, dancing and any other type of performing art. Attentive to innovation in academia.

    Jelly Dipasupil

    Jelly Dipasupil

    Social Media and Content Manager

    A passionate and devoted language learner, who thinks language is the key to the world. Chocolate lover, food lover. Singing (even if I can't carry a tune) and dancing, 2 passions that leads to Music, a companion in life, accompanied with love.

    Paolo Corti

    Paolo Corti

    Front-End Engineer

    I'm code addicted, a tech passionate, a mountain lover.

    Gabriele Renzi

    Gabriele Renzi

    Head of Technology

    Code Monkey, Professional Student, Geek.

    Stefano Salvucci

    Stefano Salvucci

    Back-End Engineer

    Always learning, interested in discovering and enjoying new things. I'm a very rational person, that's why I love doing crazy stuff.

    Tiago2 Duarte

    Tiago Duarte

    Mobile Engineer

    The meeting point of technology, esotericism and rap.


    Michael Burnett

    Michael Burnett


    Native of the Silicon Valley. Experience: Yahoo!, Cisco and Apple and 10 years in investment banking (NYC, London, SV) having closed more than 50 deals with technology and media transactions totaling more than $25 billion.

    Stefano Molino

    Stefano Molino


    Stefano is Partner at Innogest SGR SpA. Board member in TheBlogTV, Stereomood, Beintoo, 40SouthEnergy. Master of Science (summa cum laude) in Engineering & Management; Ph.D from Polytechnic University in Milan.


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